What is Yoga?

With a rich and diverse history that can be plausibly traced back 5000 years, it is perhaps no wonder the practice of Yoga is so challenging to define. There is often a moment of realisation for Yoga practitioners in the West, arrive how it may, that there is more to this practice than meets the eye, and that it is unequivocally more than just stretching. As seamless as a well cued transition, stretching our hamstrings becomes a deep contemplation of selfhood that begins to stretch our beliefs about what we thought we knew, and what is possible as a human being… READ MORE HERE

Jamie Rowland Yoga

My Yoga classes

Who better to describe how my classes feel than one of my dear students…

Jamie is the perfect embodiment of how eastern practices can be translated and transmuted through a western lens. Many teachers posses expertise in teaching asana (the physical stuff) but it’s far rarer to come across a teacher who really gets ‘it’—that ineffable quality of spiritual wisdom. In addition to his intuitive understanding of the physical body, Jamie excels in his communication of philosophical teachings. Crucially, he does this in a manner that is accessible, authentic, and lighthearted.

Jamie is a great teacher for practitioners of all levels. Expect classes that are often physically strong and sweaty, but held with incredible detail, care, and with a gentle spirit. Jamie’s calming and gentle nature provides comfort for all, and everything is offered as an invitation, rather than instruction. On leaving Jamie’s classes, anticipate feeling cleansed, centred, and nourished, with a residual internal smile.

1-2-1 Yoga Classes

Whatever stage of your Yoga journey your at, I would love to work with you and help you to develop and deepen your practice. Feel free to book a 1-2-1 discovery call with me using the button below so we can discuss what this might look like for you.