Jamie Rowland Yoga

Present Movement

“Connecting to the present moment through Present Movement”

Present Movement is an inclusive term that can refer to, incorporate, and merge the wisdom drawn from a range of disciplines, all in service of helping people to connect to their present moment experience through the body. Present Movement will look different for every single person and can be expressed in many different ways; from a strong Yoga class to sitting still following the most subtle movement of breath through the body, and anything in-between. Present Movement is an invitation to follow the wisdom of the body and let it be your guide. Present Movement understands that nobody knows your experience and what you need in any given moment better than your own organism. It also understands that it is not always easy to listen to ourselves and know what we need in a given moment, and that there are times when guidance can be helpful. Therefore, Present Movement walks the line between directed and self-lead experiences depending on what the moment calls for. Everything is an invitation and anything is possible.

If you are interested in exploring what Present Movement looks likes for you, feel free to book a free discovery call with myself to discuss where might be a suitable place to start, or deepen your journey. 

- Jamie Rowland